Read and share all of the stories from the book, right here, right now. Buy nothing.


Here I am. My best and my worst. Mostly my worst. When you put it ALL out there, you have a very real sense of freedom. It’s why I share these stories, especially the embarrassing ones. I get to be myself around everyone. My parents, guy friends, chick friends, Chino friends, Vegas friends, coworkers, hot bartenders, adults, kids, authority figures, strangers and family alike without having to worry about judgment. Unapologetically myself, in all circumstances, to me, is the ultimate freedom.


And to answer the question you’ll have after you finish reading this book…YES, every single one of these stories is completely true.  All places, dates and events that took place in this book are 100% accurate, only the names have been changed.


If you doubt the authenticity of any of these stories then feel free to call me on it. Literally.