Monday Morning DD



Every Friday night after work a group of us from our advertising agency go to Buffalo Wild Wings on the west side of town, I live way on the SouthEast side of Vegas in Green Valley.  Driving clear across town after a solid 8 hours of ‘happy hour’ isn’t really an option, so I usually need a ride home.

This is somewhat of a regular thing. VegasTits every Friday tries to talk me into going back to my house before I go out for happy hour because I rarely make it back and end up calling her for the late night/early morning ride home. She is by far the best girlfriend I’ve ever had. I could call this chick at any time from any place and she would come get me. Should I contemplate why my definition of a great girlfriend is based on this fact? No, let’s move on. Tonight is no different, it’s only about 3am but I put in the call to get a ride.

Saturday morning I wake up and do it all over again. I have an old friend in town so we end up going on a bender at Chilly Palmers all day and night. It’s 5am this time when I call her for another ride home, she agrees.

Sunday is my recovery day. Sunday ONLY includes football and recorded Cheers episodes. Nothing else. Don’t bother me, I’m not going to shower, I’m not going to get dressed, I’m am going to lay on the couch all day, watch my fantasy football teams and be a total zombie. I usually order a pizza in the morning and eat that all day and night.

Monday morning is when this catches up with me. I wake up, shower and get dressed for work. As I walk through my kitchen I grab my keys and open the door to the garage. Shit. My garage only has the boat in it, no car. Ahhhhh that’s right, I left my white car at Buffalo Wild Wings Friday night. I walk back into the kitchen and grab the keys to my black car and walk outside. Double Shit. I left that thing at Chilly Palmers Saturday night.

I’m know going to get a fucking lecture but I gotta do what I gotta to do.

BD:  Hey VegasTits, can I have a ride to work?

VegasTits:  What’s wrong, your fancy princess car won’t start?

BD:  Ummm, It’s at BWWs.

VegasTits:  What about your old car?

BD:  Yea ummm, that one is at CPs.

VegasTits:  Jesus BD why didn’t you get one of them yesterday.

BD:  Sunday is for football and sitting on the couch. I refuse to do anything productive on Sunday.

VegasTits:  Ill take you to CPs but your really need to grow up and learn some responsibility.

BD:  I’ll be sure to take that under advisement.

VegasTits:  Whatever, lets go.