Offroading the J30





Party at my house in Southern Highlands. For those not familiar with Vegas, it’s the very South West of the city. It’s a brand new community at the time so there is a lot of empty land and my house backs up to acres of it. Everyone is in the garage doing knife hits. Pancho, the elder of the group, previously enlightened everyone to the benefits of knife hits when smoking weed. All the smoke, none of the garbage, and waaaay more fun. I mean seriously, anytime you get to use a propane torch, fun will ensue.

Pancho:  Hey BD, why do you have two cars, why'd you keep the j30?

BD:  That's my SUV, I take that offroading all the time.

For those that don't know, an Infiniti J30 is a four dour luxury sedan. Not exactly an offroad vehicle.  But it’s rear wheel drive, fast as shit and it’s my secondary car so I could care less if I break it. It runs great, but there's really little to no trade in value for it. It still looks all fancy, the paint is still good so some people trip out when they see me take it out on the dirt at 40 mph.

Pancho:   You take this out on the dirt?

BD:          Hell yea, I jump that bitch.

Pancho:   Like you really take it off the roads?

Truk:        I’ve seen him do it.

BD:         Yes of course man!

BD:         Hell, ya wanna go right now?

Pancho:  Yea I’ve got to see this...

Shitass:  Yes lets go!

Truk:        I’m going too!

BD:         Fuck it lets do it, get in, I'll hook up the battery.

The guys get in the car. Shitass is shotgun with Truk and Pancho in the back seats. I’m drunk, they are all high and this is sounding like the best idea ever. The j30 has an electrical issue that drains the battery when not in use, so I'm under the hood hooking up the battery and Pancho asks the guys as they all get in and sit down...

Pancho:  He doesn't really take this thing offroading right, like real offroading?

Shitass turns around slowly, looks him directly in the eye and says:  "Just make sure you put on your seatbelt dude."

That car had no problems taking the four of us, weighing about 1,000lbs, offroading over unbuilt dirt lots for homes. The j30 can handle any terrain better than any SUV I’ve been in. So yea, we jumped it.