Superman Begins





Shitass, MeadHead and I are finishing up at Chilly Palmers. Not sure what time it was but the sun isn’t up yet, so that’s a good sign. Our hangovers wont be too bad for Lake Mead tomorrow. We pay our tab and Lazyeye challenges Shitass, who drank so much he is practically on autopilot at this point.

Lazyeye:  You're too much of a pussy to get naked in that phone booth.

Shitass:   Fuck you, BD get out your camera.

Chilly Palmers has a full size old school bright red phone booth inside the bar. It has a real door with windows on it so you can see right in. It’s not hidden in some corner somewhere, it’s located right next to the front door. So as you stand looking at the phone booth, the inside of the front door is literally six inches to the right. 

Shitass jumps in the phone booth and is naked in seconds. It still amazes me how willing and how fast he gets naked in public places. So he picks up the handset and pretends to talk on the phone . At the exact moment the flash from the camera goes off, the front door opens. In walks two on duty fully uniformed Henderson police offices.

BD:       Um, well our tab is paid lets go.

Lazyeye:   Shit he’s getting arrested, oh well.

Do we warn Shitass? Hell no. We want nothing to do with that naked bear in the phone booth. We walk right out as the officers walk in. Very smooth. If you aren’t Shitass.

As we speed walk to our car we hear someone yelling at us and turn around to see Shitass running out holding his shorts around his knees and his shirt in his hands.

Shitass:   What the fuck is wrong with you guys, two cops just walked in! Thanks for telling me you piece of shits!

Just by chance the cops didn't see any of it and we came out of there with a true piece of modern Americana artwork. …