The Moral Dilemma





Shitass, Lazyeye, P-Whip and Myself are going to an Angels game at Anaheim Stadium. The best part about going to these games is the awesome seats we get. Our buddy Holmes gets us the tickets because he works at Ticketmaster and has access to all kinds of weird seats. Sometimes its VIP, sometimes its COMP tickets and sometimes we get the handicapped seats, like today, which are the best. Handicapped seats at the Big A are great because you have no one in front of you, no one behind you and plenty of room to spread out.

As we walk up to our seats, we notice that there are some people sitting in our seats. The normal thing to do is grab an usher, show him our tickets and have him kick those people out. The problem today? It’s a crippled person sitting there. And we have crippled person seats. Each of us were football, basketball and baseball athletes and are in perfect health while the people sitting in our seats are old, frail and literally injured. The moral dilemma we face here is obvious, do we kick a cripple out of our handicapped seats?

Lazyeye: Oh no man I can't do this, the guy has crutches leaning against his seat!

P-Whip:    No way the guy is like 90 years old, I'm not doing it.

BD:   You two are pussies, Shitass let’s go find an usher.

Shitass:   Yea, fuck him those are our seats, I'm getting an usher...

Lazyeye:   Don't do it, half the stadium is empty man we can sit anywhere


What did we do?

We set things right.  We paid for those damn seats.