The Story


If you didn’t pay attention to back in the day, this story makes no sense to you. So skip it. But if you were there for this weekend, I reprint it here, with all spelling and grammar mistakes.


Let me tell you a story


A story that involves dirty white trash nudie bars, 280lbs strippers giving Vic hickies, live episodes of COPS arresting drunk jay walkers and beaners with tall cans on their dashboard, clipboards broken over heads, about 6 trips to chili palmers, carl and his florida woman, dikes takin pictures with Vic and Eric by the tits, eric drinking 4 nights in a row, 2cents playing an awsome fuckin show, vic thowing up in streets truck, vic passing up a beer and quiting at 2am, throwing fireworks at cop cars from the back yard at 7am drunk, hiding from those cop cars at 7:02 am, a truck alarm that wont work, a fuckin car battery that has to be accessed from under the wheel well, 75c beers and 10lbs nachos, a trip wendys of course, a mysterious disappearing skate park called Park216, vic streaking in chili palmers parking lot while being observed by henderson police, flowers and chezzy cards, vic mooning security cameras, malibu playing ball with vic while hes on the shitter, about 32 shits taken by vic, the screw room, 50mph winds and an unlit water heater, street and vic and eric and dean and brian all in streets truck in 110 degree weather at night, carls camoflauge hat, vic kissing dean on his cheek...twice, vic telling dean he has a small penis, vic chafing from lack of baby powder while walkin the strip, eric avoiding a nice cocktail waitress that wanted him and was tryin to talk to him, a visor that has been so grossly violated it cant be described here, high energy bitch, eric drunk tripping over the stairs, yankees trivia, under currents and chocolate cakes, street learning how his headlights work in his truck, $1 margaritas and $8 rolls of film and finally tits hangin out of shirts of hot strippers at chili palmers.